Estimation app success story

Estimation app success story

Before 5 years i was present in one business deal about appartment furniture. And from that business deal i just figure out the concept of estimation android app.

Today estimation app crosses 5k+ downloads on google play store. We are happy to post this success story here.

One day my neighbours were asking for a carpenter to renovate their house. They want to upgrade their home furniture and want to build some new items. They asked me to recommend a carpenter. I asked in my family and my cousin were ready to grab this opportunity. He was little bit frustrated as he had done few less contract by himself. So he came up with his friend who is well known furniture contractor. They both came up and sit with my neighbour. My neighbour started with their requirements and finally business talk started. And my neighbour asked for what material to purchase before they start work.

My cousin’s friend get out pain from his pocket and start writing on paper from small pocket diary page as mentioned below:

  1. 8 plywood sheets
  2. 5 killo gram Fevicol
  3. 4 vin-ear plywood sheet.
  4. 500 gram iron pins
  5. 2 box of abro tap (correct exact word)

A customer asked for approximately how much money they have to come up to purchase these items. My cousin’s friend replied some approximate amount. Finally all the items had arrived at place and the work started.

I observed the complete story and figure out my position as a software engineer. At that time i was a passionate android developer. So quickly decided to build a mobile app to share these type pf estimates. Also they have records of all old estimations that they have provided to their customers.

Here is the short overview of the estimation app. Try the app and enjoy estimating.